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Enjoy your AVI files in your iPod with this easy-to-use converter
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Few tools are easier to use than AVI To iPod converter. Its simple and attractive interface is self-explanatory, and will convert your AVI files into either MP4 or H.264 video files so that you can enjoy them in your iPod. Convert the whole file or a section of it, trimming it easily with the help of its preview window.

AVI To iPod offers you a wide range of MP4 and h.264 pre-set quality levels for both PAL and NTSC. AAC audio quality varies from 48K to 256K, while video resolution can be either 320x240 or 640x480 for both 25 and 29.97 frames per second (i.e. PAL or NTSC). These settings apply to high quality video (H.264) and MPEG-4 video codecs.

The built-in preview window help you to conveniently select the start and end points of the final video whenever you want to get rid of certain sections of the original file. You just need to playback your video and click on the B and E buttons while viewing the frames where you want you set the beginning and end of your MPEG-4 video. You can also move in 30-seconds steps, but for more accurate selections, it is advisable to pause the video and use the slide bar to move to the previews and next frames. You will also find it very helpful for splitting long movies into smaller and easy to handle video files.

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